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Session Key:

9:00 AM - 10:00 AM - Welcome and Keynote

Keynote Session
Gwendolyn Graddy-Dansby, MD, FACP
Chief Medical Officer, PACE Southeast Michigan

Session description TBA

10:00 AM - 11:15 AM - Break / Visit Virtual Exhibit Hall

An opportunity for attendees to take a break and visit with our exhibitors and sponsors in the virtual exhibit hall. All exhibitors will have profiles within our virtual event platform.

10:15 AM - 11:15 AM - Breakout Sessions

What Makes PACE Successful. Let's Find Out
Session Track:

Paul Socynski, MBA
Senior Vice President, Healthcare Program Development Volunteers of America National Services

Being successful doesn’t just happen! In this session we will discuss those factors that are contributing to successful PACE organizations. We will discuss what is contributing to your PACE organizations success and what is holding you back.



Integrating Clinical and Financial Processes to Optimize Your PACE Program
Session Track:

Tracey McKnight, RN, BSN, MM
Chief Executive Officer, Care Resources PACE

Assuring that your clinical and financial teams are working together to assure the best outcomes for the participant and the organization has never been more essential. This session will outline best practices for structure, membership, areas of focus and metrics that will help the organization achieve it's desired results. Attendees will leave the session with proven strategies and real time tools to support this critical work for the organization.



Integrating a Transitional Care Intervention into the PACE Model of Care for Preventing Repeat Hospital Utilization
Session Track:

Bethany McQuade, MSN-PH, RN
Education Coordinator/Infection Control Officer, Care Resources PACE

Community-residing participants are at higher risk of repeat/frequent hospitalizations and emergency department visits within 30 days of discharge from the hospital. The Transitional Care Intervention (TCI) is an evidence-based practice model for connecting routine PACE interdisciplinary team (IDT) post hospital actions and ensuring they are happening consistently and timely for these participants. The TCI focuses on participant-driven goals for post hospitalization and creates partnership in achieving these goals between the participant, their family/caregiver, and the IDT. Care Resources PACE implemented the TCI in January of 2020 and has seen success in reducing repeat ED visits and hospital readmissions among our community-residing participants. This session will provide background and identification of the need, support for the TCI from the literature, discussion of the implementation process at Care Resources PACE, review of the outcomes, and next steps.

11:15 AM - 11:30 AM - Break / Visit Virtual Exhibit Hall

An opportunity for attendees to take a break and visit with our exhibitors and sponsors in the virtual exhibit hall. All exhibitors will have profiles within our virtual event platform.

11:30 AM - 12:30 PM - Breakout Sessions

Repositioning Organizations
Session Track:

Laura Ferrara
Chief Executive Officer, Senior Care Partners PACE

Laura Ferrara has been working with Senior Care Partners PACE since 2009.  She has held the roles of Director of Quality Assurance and Program Integrity, Director of Operations and Business Development, and Chief Strategy Officer and Director of Marketing and Enrollment. In 2019, she was appointed by the Board of Directors as the Chief Executive Officer working closely with the Executive Leadership Team and the Board of Directors to articulate and implement the strategic plan of the organization, build new partnerships, and give general oversight to the organization. With an extensive background in acute and post-acute health care settings for over twenty-five years, she is a leading expert in the areas of health care corporate compliance, quality improvement, and operations. Laura has an extensive background in consulting and working with a variety of healthcare providers to evaluate the effectiveness of their compliance and performance improvement standards as well as achieving operational efficiencies.   In addition to her responsibilities at Senior Care Partners P.A.C.E., she also serves on the National PACE Association (NPA) Board of Directors, serves as the Chair of the NPA Regulatory Compliance Subcommittee, is a member of the NPA Quality Improvement Committee, is a member of the NPA Public Policy Committee, and serves on the PACE Association of Michigan Board of Directors.  Laura is also a frequent speaker at various conferences including the NPA Annual Conference and the NPA Spring Quality Symposium.

This session will discuss opportunities supporting PACE growth as well as strategies focused on expanding PACE programs providing PACE like services for other populations. 



Increasing Enrollment Using All the LOCD Doors
Session Track:

Sonya Love Felton, LMSW, MPA
Executive Direcotr, Huron Valley PACE

This session will provide information and training for PACE organizations to enroll participants in all 7 LOCD doors and the Secondary Review process (Door 8). Additionally, this session will provide information on MDHHS Deeming Process.



Implementation of Essential Care Packages for PACE Participants during COVID-19 Pandemic
Session Track:

Samantha Barash - Registered Dietician, Rachel Robinette - Social Worker, and Anna Sherry - Social Worker
PACE Southeast Michigan

We will discuss how PACE Southeast Michigan implemented the development and distribution of Essential Care Packages for PACE participants during the pandemic. PACE Southeast Michigan received an Oakland County Grant providing essential care packages, GrandPads, home activity kits, COVID-19 care kits, COVID-19 testing costs, and rent/utility assistance. Totaling over $100,000 of services for our participants.

12:30 PM - 1:00 PM - Lunch / Visit Virtual Exhibit Hall

An opportunity for attendees to take a break and visit with our exhibitors and sponsors in the virtual exhibit hall. All exhibitors will have profiles within our virtual event platform.

1:00 PM - 2:00 PM - Breakout Sessions

From a Moment to a Movement: PACE4Black Lives and Making Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion a Part of PACE Culture
Session Track:

Sonya Love Felton, LMSW, MPA
Executive Director, Huron Valley PACE

Susan Decker, MM, LBSW, NHA
Executive Director, Thome PACE

Faye Askew-King, MSW
Lecturer, Eastern Michigan University

Chuck Warpehoski
Founder, Change Works Consulting

Following the murders of George Flyod, Ahmed Aubrey, and Breonna Taylor, Huron Valley PACE gained national attention for their PACE4Black Lives statement. Wanting to do more than just issue a statement, they and Thome PACE began a process to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion in their own organizations. Their efforts have catalyzed changes in their parent organization. Hear from the Huron Valley and Thome PACE Executive Directors and their partners from Change Works Consulting to learn how you can move DEI forward in your organization.



The Care Team Advantage: A Key to a Successful IDT
Session Track:

Christine Jodoin, MSN, RN, NE-BC
Center Director, Senior Community Care of Michigan

Implementation of the care team model strategy at Senior Community Care of Michigan is proving to be an effective strategy for optimizing the function of the IDT. Each care team is comprised of designated staff from the following disciplines: PCP, RN, SW, PT, and OT. These care teams are responsible for overseeing the day to day care of their empaneled participants. Each care team meets daily prior to the full IDT meeting to identify urgent issues that have arisen from the previous day, discuss the needs of their participants, and review utilization concerns related to recent ED visits and hospitalizations. The IDT meeting immediately follows and a summary of the important details that were discussed during the care team meetings is provided. This model has provided our IDT with an effective manner to address the concerns of our participants in a timely and efficient manner. This session will provide the learners with an overview of how SCCM has successfully implemented a care team model in order to enhance the effectiveness of the IDT and improve participant care.



Multi-disciplinary Approach to Fall Prevention
Session Track:

Lucinda Gardner, PT
Physical Therapist, Care Resources PACE

This session will provide an in-depth fall assessment. We will examine some of the factors that can contribute to a fall: medical changes, medications, personal choices, or the environment. Recommendations and examples of fall interventions by discipline will be discussed, as well as fall intervention follow up and preventative ideas.

2:00 PM - 2:15 PM - Break / Visit Virtual Exhibit Hall

An opportunity for attendees to take a break and visit with our exhibitors and sponsors in the virtual exhibit hall. All exhibitors will have profiles within our virtual event platform.

2:15 PM - 3:15 PM - Breakout Sessions

How to Avoid Compliance Pitfalls
Session Track:

Jennifer B Van Regenmorter, JD
Shareholder, Foster Swift Collins & Smith PC

What the regulations and contracts require sometimes differs from what is done in real life, particularly under pressure. We'll explore the legal and contractual requirements, and ways to close the gap between legal requirements and what is done in real life, thus reducing the risk of complaints, investigations, and audits.



Breaking Down Barriers for New Enrollees

Session Track:

Tina Berry
Enrollment Director, Huron Valley PACE

Sue McHenry
Huron Valley PACE, Medicaid Specialist

Sue McHenry has 35 years experiences working for the State of Michigan Department of Human Service. Starting as a General Typist, she worked up to being an Eligibility Specialist and then into Specialized Medicaid Work. Her expertise is in long term care services including Home Based Waiver, skilled nursing and PACE. While a U of M Hospital Outstation Worker, Sue partnered with Huron Valley PACE to establish protocols for Medicaid applications. She worked on the LTC Special Unit and SNAP Accuracy Committee, including presenting at the Big 10 SNAP Conference in Cleveland Ohio. After retiring from MDHHS, Sue joined the Huron Valley PACE team as a Medicaid Advisor. She taught the Huron Valley PACE team all they know about Medicaid. Her gifts as a teacher are only rivaled by her near-encyclopedic knowledge of Medicaid policy.

Heather Renfro, LLBSW
Huron Valley PACE, Enrollment Specialist

Thom Byrd
Washtenaw County MDHHS, MARA Huron Valley PACE, Eligibility Specialist

Thomas K. Byrd is an Eligibility Specialist at the Washtenaw County Office of the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS). He is a decorated US Army veteran who served as a translator for medical teams in refugee camps in the Middle East and Southwest Asia. He graduated from Saint Martin’s College with a BS in Biology when his military service ended. After graduating, he took a position in the private sector with a small business in Ann Arbor, Mi. His desire to return to the public service sector led to his decision to take a position with MDHHS in 2017. This led to his appointment to the MARA position at PACE of Huron Valley in March 2020, where he serves as the Department’s liaison to PACE enrollment personnel. His unique insight and access to department policies, procedures, and assets greatly reduces the amount of time PACE staff are required to spend on Medicaid issues that may prevent or delay participant enrollment.

Isabella Mancini
University of Michigan MSW, Field Placement Student

Isabella Mancini is obtaining her MSW degree at the University of Michigan School of Social Work as part of the Geriatric Scholars Program. Isabella's career goals include working closely with older adults and improving end-of-life care. She graduated from the University of Michigan in May 2020 with a Bachelor of Arts in anthropology. She has interned in New York City at DOROT, a non-profit dedicated to alleviating social isolation in older adults through intergenerational support.

This presentation will be comprised of review of best practices, sharing tools and resources, education on policy and procedures, and a robust Q&A. The following topics will be addressed:

  • Screening prior to enrollment for Medical Assistance, Food Assistance, Medicare Buy In
  • Working with your DHHS office(s)
  • Collaborating with DHHS through an Outstation Worker
  • Reading and understanding Bridges Eligibility Manual (BEM) policy
  • Initial Asset Assessment (IAA) and benefit eligibility for couples
  • Trusts, annuities and state reviews
  • Uncommon types of income and assets
  • Case inquiries for CHAMPS and Bridges
  • Troubleshooting technology issues between Bridges and CHAMPS
  • Educating on spending down excess assets
  • Importance of correcting prior errors in Medicaid cases
  • Verification documents
  • Working with elderlaw attorneys
  • Asset recovery and planning with participants/caregivers for DHHS action after their death
  • Syncing enrollment and Medicaid deadlines to optimize census growth



Sexuality & Aging
Session Track:

Alicia Hensley, LMSW
Quality Case Manager, Ascension Living PACE Michigan

Sexuality is a part of our lives at all ages. We never lose the need to connect and have physical relationships with others. Learn more about sexuality as we age. Then, let's focus on the populations we serve through PACE, like those with dementia and those living in adult living communities.

3:15 PM - 3:30 PM - Break / Visit Virtual Exhibit Hall

An opportunity for attendees to take a break and visit with our exhibitors and sponsors in the virtual exhibit hall. All exhibitors will have profiles within our virtual event platform.

3:30 PM - 4:30 PM - Peer Group Sessions

9:00 AM - 10:00 AM - Leading In Uncertain Times

Steve Fetyko, Mike Logan, Shawn Bloom, and Grace Li Moderated by Luke Reynolds

10:00 AM - 10:15 AM - Break / Visit Virtual Exhibit Hall

An opportunity for attendees to take a break and visit with our exhibitors and sponsors in the virtual exhibit hall. All exhibitors will have profiles within our virtual event platform.

10:15 AM - 11:15 AM - Breakout Sessions

Be Prepared for CMS Audits: Trends and Best Practices in the PACE World
Session Track:

Jenn Ovide, CareVention HealthCare Consulting
Rena Smith, MPA , Gary and Mary West PACE

This session will equip attendees with actionable plans for CMS audit preparation and the onsite/remote audit process.



PACE Reimbursement Considerations
Session Track:

Betsy Rust, CPA and Rob Long, CPA
Plante Moran

This session will provide an update on PACE Medicare and Medicaid capitated rate calculations, the impact of the COVID pandemic on PACE and other senior care provider revenues and expenses and understanding how encounter reporting may drive future reimbursement.



Elopement Risk and Assessment
Session Track:

Jessica Drews and Nicole Byrnes
Plan Management Specialist, Life Circles

As a PACE center our participants live within the community but meet the criteria for nursing home placement. Over 75% of our participants live with some form of Alzheimer’s or dementia, which puts them at a greater risk for elopement with adverse outcomes. Due to this heightened risk, our organization formed a quality subcommittee to research and develop an elopement risk assessment tool, along with interventions that help the team care plan for our participant’s at risk of elopement. The subcommittee includes representation from multiple members of the participant’s care team; this includes occupational therapy, physical therapy, recreational therapy, social work, physician and psychology. This tool has allowed our organization to identify our participants who are low, moderate or high risk for elopement and reassess these risk as well as evaluate interventions as needed to reduce the risk of elopement with adverse outcomes. Through the diversity of the group, the team has been able to develop care plan interventions to reduce the risk of adverse outcomes from elopements; as well as provide support and education to the caregivers. In the development of the screening tool, the subcommittee reviewed other tools and resources that assessed wandering status and elopement, as well as stages of cognitive function for individuals with dementia. Some of our references included the WING-AP, The Global Deterioration Scale (GDS) and the FAST scale. After initial development of our Elopement Risk Screen the subcommittee started a clinical trial for assessing all our new participant’s upon enrollment in our PACE program. The screen is then repeated at the participant’s thirty-day review, six-month review and post-incident through our root cause analysis process. In each participant’s care plan, we identify their risk for an elopement as low, moderate or high. We also develop appropriate interventions to reduce the risk of elopement with adverse outcomes.

11:15 AM - 11:30 AM - Break / Visit Virtual Exhibit Hall

An opportunity for attendees to take a break and visit with our exhibitors and sponsors in the virtual exhibit hall. All exhibitors will have profiles within our virtual event platform.

11:30 AM - 1:00 PM - Annual Meeting & Awards

10 Medication Tips You Can Actually Use

10 Medication Tips You Can Actually Use
Session Track:

Aaron Hoholik, PharmD BCACP
Clinical Pharmacist, Care Resources PACE

Aaron will present 10 medication-related scenarios that are actually useful in day-to-day clinical practice (hopefully.) Topics will include options for control of relatively common but complicated conditions like renal failure with proteinuria, mental illness with weight gain, frequent falls, diuretic use in incontinence, and others.


Specialty Drug Trends and Recommendations for PACE Organizations

Specialty Drug Trends and Recommendations for PACE Organizations
Session Track:

Richard Mueller, PharmD, MBA, MS
VP of Clinical Strategy, Pharmastar PBM

Janis Rood, PharmD, BCACP, BCGP
Director of Pharmacy and Integrated Clinical Services, PACE Southeast Michigan

This session will provide information on specialty drug trends in Medicare Part D with a focus on PACE and Michigan PACE plans. In addition, information about new and relevant specialty drugs will be shared. The second portion of the presentation will focus on the presenters' experiences managing specialty drugs for PACE participants. General best practices for safe and effective use of specialty drugs at PACE organizations will be discussed as well as specific strategies that have been successful for the presenters. Finally, the presenters will share recommendations for specialty drug management from a PACE pharmacy and a PACE PBM.

 Janis Rood is a Board-Certified Ambulatory Care and Geriatric Pharmacy Specialist who works for PACE Southeast Michigan as the Director of Pharmacy & Integrated Clinical Services and serves as Adjunct Clinical Faculty for University of Michigan College of Pharmacy and Adjunct Assistant Professor for Wayne State University Eugene Applebaum College of Pharmacy. In her roles she has shaped clinical practice including collaborative integration, anticoagulation services, medication utilization management, and developed transitions of care processes in collaboration with major health systems. She is Co-chair for NPA’s Medication Management Workgroup Non-Clinical Subcommittee and geriatric expert consultant for Community Care, Inc. Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee.

Renal Disease in PACE Participants: Perspectives Around the Table

Renal Disease in PACE Participants: Perspectives Around the Table
Session Track:

Ankur Patel, MD
Chief Medical Officer, CareKinesis / Tabula Rasa HealthCare

Edward Foote, PharmD

University of the Science, Philadelphia

This interactive session will equip attendees with highlights of various impacts renal disease can have on PACE participants and processes. Perspectives from a medical director, pharmacist, educator, and PACE compliance expert will be shared.


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