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  • Find Your PACE

    Find Your PACE

    PACE participants are served by a comprehensive team of professionals. Upon enrollment in PACE, participants and their caregivers meet with an interdisciplinary team (IDT) that includes doctors, nurses, therapists, social workers, dietitians, personal care aides, transportation drivers and others. Participant needs are assessed, and an individualized care plan is developed to respond to all of the participant’s needs – 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. PACE Participants Receive Regular, "High-Touch" Care.

    PACE participants receive comprehensive health and supportive services across a range of settings. At the PACE center they receive primary care, therapy, meals, recreation, socialization and personal care. In the home PACE offers skilled care, personal care supportive services, and supports such as ramps, grab bars, and other tools that facilitate participant safety. In the community PACE offers access to specialists and other providers.

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  • Seniors First

    Seniors First

    PACE utilizes interdisciplinary teams - including physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, social workers, therapists, van drivers and aides - to exchange information and solve problems as the conditions and needs of each individual who decides to participate in PACE change - all with the objective of enabling participants to live longer in the community. PACE utilizes transportation systems to enable participants to live as independently as possible in the community while having access to the supportive services, medical specialists, therapies and other medical care they need.

    The PACE financing model combines payments from Medicare and Medicaid or private pay sources into one flat-rate payment to provide the entire range of health care and services, including paying for hospital care, in response to individual needs.

    A significant amount of research has been done to support the notion that care coordination across the continuum of care significantly positively impacts quality, cost and customer satisfaction. To that end, resources shared on this website are meant to encourage learning and conversation around the art and science of care coordination.
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    Here are some of the ways that PACE supports you as a caregiver:

    • The PACE doctor to patient ratio is very low, nurses and doctors will know your loved-one intimately so care is extremely personal.

    • PACE Doctors and medical teams specialize in geriatric care which means no one knows your loved-one’s body better than the PACE team.

    • Because the PACE team sets all of your loved-one's medical appointments, there is no need for you to do this. You also do not have to arrange or pay for transportation to multiple medical facilities.

    • With the PACE Day Center, you can now take time out from 24 hours a day, 7 days a week care. The PACE team understands that your health is very important, and supports your personal needs.

    • With the support of PACE, participants can continue to live in the least restrictive environment, in their home or yours, which helps you to honor your loved-ones wishes.

    • PACE team members become family to our participants, your loved-one, and constantly watch for signs of change in your loved-one and can make decisions on health needs quickly to avoid long term problems.

    • The PACE team coordinates all of your loved-ones care needs, which, often times, is very complex. They partner with you to ensure that your loved one has everything they need for a good quality of life.

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