Enrollment Process

There are three (3) steps to enrolling into PACE:

Intake Assessment – An initial Intake Assessment is completed to determine if a senior might be eligible for PACE. Also, at this assessment, the PACE model of care is explained to the prospective participant. After this visit, if a senior is interested in becoming a participant in PACE, a member of the PACE Personal Care Team will discuss their health care needs with other Team members and set up a visit to the PACE Center.

Assessment – The prospective participant will be scheduled for an assessment with the rest of the care team within a very short time. Once the assessment by the PACE team is completed, a plan of care will be created for the participant.

Enrollment (Family) Conference - A Personal Care Team member will meet with the prospective participant and caregivers to talk about enrolling in PACE. At this conference, the plan of care and enrollment agreement will be discussed and explained. If the prospective participant agrees with the plan of care and the conditions for enrollment, he/she or a proxy will sign the enrollment agreement.

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